Monday, October 19, 2015

new labs

We have the results from Fiona's labs on 10/12. Her igg was 1048. In August her igg  was 1963, then we skipped a few treatments, and September was 1500. It looks like her igg level is going down 500 every month.

The big question is, what will happen next month? We don't know what her body is making, and we don't know what her bottom level will be. If she gets down to 600 they'll put her back on treatments. I'm a little worried that her levels will be low going into cold and flu season. My hope is that if her igg gets low, her t-cells will stay normal. We'll see.

Our mysterious girl loves being outside. She loves swinging in the back yard. She loves dinosaurs, Dora, and Daniel Tiger. She's learning letters and tries to spell. She's starting to recognize numbers. She wants to sew (that's what she calls knitting). When she's really insistent I let her hold the knitting needles while I knit. She loves meeting people in doctor's offices. We were in the waiting room last week, and she was handing out magazines to everyone who came in. Later I was holding her so she wouldn't bother anyone. She really wanted to get down and run around. When I asked why she said, "I need to go see that big fella over there."