Thursday, September 11, 2014

Genetic testing

Our insurance company says they will pay for Fiona's genetic testing as long as we get precertification. Because of some recent issues with our insurance I'm nervous, but excited. I was expecting to have to fight to get testing covered. It seems a little too easy.

We go to Cincinnati next Wednesday. We'll be drawing blood for the genetic tests. Christian and I will also be tested. It was mentioned at our last visit that we need to be prepared that we may find things we aren't looking for. Today I think that may be a good thing, but if they do find something we don't expect I may change my mind about that.

Fiona has diarrhea again. A bacteria called Shigella is going around our middle school. It causes bloody diarrhea and a fever. So far she doesn't have a fever (except for a low grade fever she's had for weeks), or blood.

Her treatments are going really well. I think it helps her that I can show her that I pull the metal needle out. When I say, "the needle is gone" she seems relieved.

We are worried about EV 68. As of yesterday there are confirmed cases in Northern Indiana. In normal kids it manifests as a cold, but in kids with asthma or immune deficiencies it's worse. We are starting to isolate Fiona. Because this isn't a new virus, the donated blood that her treatment is made of may have antibodies against it, but it was pretty rare before 2008.

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