Sunday, June 21, 2015

broken arm

Last Friday we went to the movies for date night. During the previews Katherine started calling me. I thought that was strange, so I walked out of the theater and called her back. She told me that Fiona jumped off the couch and broke her arm. I asked how she knew it was broken, and she told me that her arm wasn't straight. I could hear Fiona screaming in the background. I went back and got Christian. We went home and took her to the hospital. They tried to start an IV for pain meds, but her veins kept blowing. They only had 1 arm to work with, so they decided to stop trying. Have I mentioned that as much as a port scares me, I would love it if every vein access was easy? The doctor came in and splinted her arm so they could xray it. Her radius was completely broken, and needed to be set. They gave her some medicine for conscious sedation. and sent us to the waiting room. It bothers me that they didn't try harder to give her something for the pain. When we got back her eyes were red like she had been crying. She got a pink cast from just below her shoulder to the end of her hand. She can still use her  her fingers. She wasn't quite awake, but she kept sticking her tongue out. When she woke up she was so funny! She thought we were in space. She wanted to see a meteor. When we sat her up she told us that she felt dizzy. When we were getting her ready to leave she said something about being back on Earth. She is doing really well. We take her back next week to have her arm xrayed again. In 4 weeks she'll get a shorter waterproof cast.
This week is the Immune Deficiency Foundation conference. I'm really looking forward to it!

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