Thursday, September 26, 2013

Specialists are special

You never know what would expect when you meet with a doctor for the first time. Will they have great bedside manner, or act like a dead fish? Will they have amazing nurses and a great staff, or will they forget about you the minute you walk out the door? We have been spoiled by our pediatrician and the staff at her office. They are amazing.

Sometimes specialists are hard to reach. They don't return calls quickly. They have staff that can give you a generic answer. If you push for a better answer they say wait until your next appointment, which is usually two weeks away. They tend to drop bad news and run, leaving you to stew about it for weeks.

Sometimes scheduling a treatment is impossible, until they decide that it's an emergency, then it's scheduled for the next morning. When the next morning you might ask? They don't know. The hospital usually calls the next morning with a time.

We expected Fiona to start her new treatment this week. Our health insurance has approved it. The supply company has contacted us. We are waiting, as usual, on our specialist. I plan on calling his office today, but I feel like I already know what the nurse will say. We have an appointment next Thursday.

I feel a sense of urgency about getting this treatment started. Fiona's IGG is being metabolized and falling every day. Her IGG post treatment upper level will be lower with every day we wait. Maybe this time they'll surprise us.


  1. Been there done that. If they make you wait, you could tell them you want to be on their cancelation list. Tell them you will come in anytime. When I do this I always get in within a couple of days. Hugs and prayers. :-)

    1. Thank you for reminding me about this, I've been asking about cancellation lists for appointments.