Sunday, June 22, 2014

The zoo!

We took Fiona to the zoo yesterday. It was so much fun. For about an hour before we left she told us that she was so excited to go to the zoo. We only stayed for an hour and a half, because she doesn't do well in heat, and she can't be in the sun too long. We took the stroller so we didn't wear her out and covered her in sunscreen. We used a lot of hand sanitizer. Fiona loved the animals. She said the giraffes were her favorite. She tried to climb the fence to get to the lemurs. She told us that she needed to walk on their grass. There was a baby lemur who was hanging on a swing, and Fiona yelled, "don't worry! I'm coming. I'll save you." She loves Diego, and thinks that all baby animals need to be saved. When we got to the elephants she told us, "that's my elephant. I ride it." I think she was disappointed that she couldn't get to the animals. She loved yelling, "hear me?" to every animal we saw.

Fiona is doing really well. She's healthy and growing. In July when we go to Cincinnati they'll collect DNA samples from Fiona, Christian and me. They'll store them to see if our insurance will approve genetic testing.

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