Sunday, June 29, 2014


Water is a funny thing to write about. When there is a problem with the water supply it's usually found when someone gets sick. After someone gets sick and they can trace it to the water supply, then the problem is fixed. This means that if Fiona drinks tap water she may be exposed to bacteria and viruses that may be life threatening. Because of this we buy distilled water at the grocery store. Every week we haul home 10 gallons of water. That's 520 gallons each year. We also buy 2 cases of bottled purified water every week. The cost of drinking water each year is over $700. We all drink distilled or purified water, because if one of us gets sick there is a chance that we could make Fiona sick. Someday we hope to get a reverse osmosis system for our house. We had one in the past, but it leaked so much it caused a huge mold problem under our kitchen sink. I would like to get a new reverse osmosis system so we don't have to haul water and it would be less expensive than buying bottled water. Coming up with the money has been a challenge. Every time I think we have saved enough something else breaks. Today I prayed for a break in our trials so we can breathe for a little while, and have some peaceful time to recover from the past few years.

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