Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cincinnati visit

Fiona's nasal swab came back, she has RSV. So far it's just a wet, barky cough and runny nose. Her t-cells are all the lowest we've seen, probably due to the virus lowering her immune system. In an effort to protect her from other infections while her immune system is low we are keeping her in full isolation. Because of Fiona's immune deficiency she may be contagious longer than normal, according to the CDC, up to 4 weeks.

We learned about a researcher in Canada who is working on injecting bone marrow into immune deficient mice. If they injected Fiona's bone marrow into the mouse and it grew normal t-cells then they would know that her thymus is the problem. If it didn't grow t-cells they would know that her bone marrow is the problem. Is it weird that I really, really want a lab, and an immune deficient mouse?

Our doctor consulted with European doctors about Fiona at a conference recently. They agree that because she isn't extremely sick, she doesn't have auto immunity, and her counts and function are okay, that we should take a wait and see approach. As a parent, wait and see stinks! We really want to fix this for her.

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