Thursday, December 4, 2014

quick update

Fiona is over her cold. She had parainfluenza 3. It causes croup. We bumped her hizentra up a gram, hopefully she'll be protected a little better for the winter.

I think we'll get the hizentra copay assistance. That means they will pay up to $4,000 of the copay for Fiona's medicine. Last year we paid $2,700 every month for her treatments. I'm not sure what the copay will be in January. I'm trying to time everything so her medicine will be the first insurance claim. I'm hoping to use all of the copay assistance.

Fiona's treatments are still going well. I had to hold her down a little more than normal last week. Trying to poke a wiggly 3 year old is challenging. She is fine after the needles go in, but we are seeing more anxiety again.

Fiona goes back to Cincinnati in two weeks. Our insurance company denied exome testing saying that they needed more information, and they won't pay for the test unless the results will change her treatment. Our team from Cincinnati wrote them an awesome letter about why they should pay for it. Now we wait for an answer.

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