Friday, March 20, 2015


Fiona is sick again, fortunately it's so mild we haven't checked to see what it is. We drew her labs just before she had symptoms, so they show what her body does as soon as it encounters a virus. The good news is that her CD3 (regulator t-cells) and CD8 (killer t-cells) responded really well. Her CD4 (helper t-cells) went up slightly, but are still really low. The problem is that helper t-cells tell killer t-cells where to fight. I'm still waiting for more labs to come back.

Fiona has started announcing to anyone listening that she is sick. Sometimes her brain is hot, sometimes it's cold. She likes to have her temperature checked. She needs lots of bandaids for her bruises and scratches. Today she told me that she needs to play "in the warm sunshine" as she ran out the front door with no coat or shoes. It's 43 degrees and mostly cloudy, so she was disappointed.

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