Thursday, February 20, 2014

more tests

Cincinnati is ordering more tests. They're pretty unusually, but so is Fiona. Our coordinater has to research where to send some of them, because he hasn't seen them before. We can draw the labs here, which will save us a 6 hour round trip. As more labs come back normal I'm starting to wonder if she really is the only one to have her condition, or at least the first.

More labs have come back. Fiona's protein level is normal, but her albumin level is still low. Fiona's mitogen testing was normal. Mitogen testing means they add something to Fiona's t-cells and watch for a response. The higher the number the better the response. A good response means that her t-cells are working like they should. Her t-cells are a little higher. As with most lab tests the numbers will naturally fluctuate. Abbie and James both match Fiona for the important viruses, so either one could donate if we ever get to the point of a bone marrow transplant.

Fiona is still on tamiflu to prevent the flu, and two antibiotics to cover all of the bacterial bases. She's still healthy, she still has dark circles under her eyes. Once flu season is over we are thinking about slowly exposing her to the world again.

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