Monday, February 24, 2014

pump comparison

I just sent all of this to Christian to show his HR department, so I thought as long as I was working on it, I would share it with you. Hopefully this will be enough to get someone's attention and let us go back to what was comfortable and worked for us.

This is our current pump, infusion bag, cassette tubing, and needleset. The coiled tubing is 96 inches long and holds 5 mls of fluid. This is the second pump Accredo sent to us.

This is the pump, syringe, and needleset from Biorx. The blue cord hangs around her neck like a necklace. This set up uses the same needleset as the first picture, but no bag or cassette tubing. Inside the syringe is a plunger that is pushed up with a spring driven pusher.

This is a side by side of all three pumps. The grey pump is the first one Accredo sent. It's big and hard to manage, but very lightweight.

This is the cassette tubing over the three needleset tubes. I know it's hard to see, but the cassette tubing is almost as big as all of the needleset tubing combined.

For reference, our current pump next to a deck of cards. It's big, and very heavy.

Another reference, this is the Biorx pump, it weighs about the same as the deck of cards.

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