Saturday, July 19, 2014


With careful planning and shopping around we were able to stretch the money the insurance company gave us to buy new carpet and linoleum. I'm glad to say that we are replacing all of the flooring downstairs. When we moved here 8 years ago the carpet was gross. Eight years of kid messes didn't make it better. After trying and failing to get the carpet clean, I feel like this will make Fiona safer, and me less anxious about the risk from germs.

Fiona is still healthy. She gets tired easily, but she keeps going until she falls down, literally. As her mother I've been thinking about how much we have to limit her. It's hard to know that in order to protect her from the world we are keeping her from things she would love. She would love to go to nursery at church. She would love preschool. I keep hoping for a bone marrow transplant before kindergarten.

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