Thursday, July 24, 2014

More labs

Fiona's igg levels are slowly going down. She was 1240 in Feb, and is down to 924. Her level is still good, but we need to watch it. We are planning to test the day before she gets her next treatment to see what her low igg is.

Her white blood cells are low, 2.9. Her level would be considered critical if she had a normal immune system. Because of her immune deficiency she wouldn't be critical unless it dropped to 1. Her absolute lymphocyte (combined b cells and t cells) count is low too, .87. Since she was diagnosed her lymphocyte count has been up and down, but the general trend is downward. If she gets to .5 we will talk about bone marrow transplant again.

She's still positive for adenovirus in her stool, but not in her blood. If it was in her blood they would be very aggressive with treatments. She's been positive since the end of March. They keep telling us that it may be a long time before she is negative again.

Two of her t cell lines (regulatory and killer) are the lowest we've seen. Her helper t cells are still low too, 149. A low helper t cell count means that she is at risk for opportunistic infections, which are infections a normal immune system could fight, but a deficient immune system doesn't fight well.

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