Monday, July 21, 2014

treatment day

I'm just getting started on this weeks treatment. I like to start treatments before nap time so she sleeps through most of it. Yesterday and today have been so crazy that I keep putting it off. Tomorrow we see our local doctor and Wednesday we go to Cincinnati.

The preventative antibiotic that Fiona takes is on backorder. In June one of the two manufacturers discontinued 3 formulations. There's just on manufacturer left, which honestly makes me nervous. We had some extra on hand so I didn't know about it until 2 weeks ago when I asked for a refill. The pharmacy was able to compound it for us using pills, but it tastes really bad. According to the manufacturer it should be available by August. This is a drug that is life saving for AIDS patients as well as children with t-cell immune deficiencies like Fiona's. It's used to prevent opportunistic infections (infections that a person with a normal immune system wouldn't get.)

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