Monday, August 11, 2014

antibiotic update

The company that manufactures Fiona's antibiotic now has an intermittent supply, which is much better than no supply. Our pharmacy is ordering it for us. She hates the compounded liquid that our pharmacy made for her. I'm sure it isn't yummy. Hopefully we will be able to get some for next weekend.

This afternoon she'll have her weekly treatment. We read a story last night about what her treatment does for her. She's been exploring her medical supplies. She loves bandaids in every form. I caught her putting a big clear IV patch on her tummy last night. She said it made her feel better.

For anyone who wants to do something to help us and can't donate to the fundraiser, please donate blood or plasma. They'll pay you to donate plasma. We are always concerned when they talk about shortages at blood banks, because eventually they will affect us.

Lots of people are concerned about the outbreak of Ebola reaching our country. I read an article last week that mentioned that the Americans who returned with Ebola were given an experimental treatment involving antibodies from mice exposed to parts of the Ebola virus. The reason this makes sense as a treatment is that once antibodies are exposed to a virus, they remember how to fight the virus. This is called adaptive immunity. Adaptive immunity is the reason that vaccines work. Fiona's body doesn't produce enough antibodies to fight infections. It makes me wonder if they took the igg from a patient who recovered from Ebola if it would be a better treatment?

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