Monday, August 11, 2014

Fi Beast

Every few months Fiona has a treatment or set of treatments that don't agree with her. The past two treatments haven't agreed with her. She is really wild, restless and cranky, which we attribute to a bad headache. We are giving her tylenol and benadryl, but they aren't really helping. Anything that doesn't go her way causes an unpleasant screaming episode. Parenting a sick kid is hard, and primary immune deficiencies suck, especially for the patient. In the past we've discussed the possibility of aseptic meningitis, or serum sickness.

Today during treatment my kindle, which is a great distraction tool for Fiona stopped working properly. I called Amazon, and they suggested resetting it to factory defaults. It had to charge in order to reset, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works. It's past the warranty so they offered me a discount to replace it. We can't afford to replace it, even with the discount.

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