Thursday, August 7, 2014

new needles

Before Fiona's treatment on Monday she had her igg tested. The doctor wanted to see what her low number, which they call a trough was. Her trough igg is 714, which is good, but much lower than I thought it would be. When they drew labs in Cincinnati her igg was 924, two days after her treatment. Giving her subcutaneous treatments is supposed to keep her levels more even. A fall of 310 seems uneven to me.

We got Fiona's new needles and I used them for the first time on Monday. I'll take some pictures, they are pretty amazing. The metal needle pulls out and leaves a flexible tube. She was much more comfortable, and was able to move with no pain. I hit a blood vessel on one of her sites. It didn't bleed when I pulled back on the syringe, but later there was blood in the tube. She has a bruise now.

This week our older kids went back to school. This week has been crazy, but is starting to settle down. Fiona has been a ball of energy every day. I think she is reacting to the batch of hizentra she got on Monday. She's being super naughty. I've started making sure she's in the same room I am so I can keep an eye on her.

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