Sunday, April 13, 2014

ER visit

Fiona had a fever this afternoon, so we went to the ER to get checked. Her white blood cells are high (for her), and they are culturing her blood to see if anything grows. They gave her rocephin, an antibiotic, and sent us home. Hurray!!!

One of the problems we have is in getting an accurate temperature. Her axillary temperature is always low, around 97, even when she has a fever. Because of risk of infection we can't take a rectal temperature. Ear thermometers are inaccurate. We have a temporal artery thermometer at home, but they don't have them in the hospital. She bites on oral thermometers, and won't let us put one under her tongue. I wonder if I take our thermometer to the hospital next time if they will let us use it?

Her thrush seems to be gone. We follow up with our local doctor tomorrow, and hopefully she will be able to stop taking diflucan, which is giving her horrible diarrhea.

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