Wednesday, April 9, 2014

isolation or exposure

In the past we've talked about whether or not we should keep Fiona isolated. It seems like most exposure leads to one or more viruses. As a parent my first instinct is to protect her from the outside world. Last winter she was healthy. Once we started exposing her she was sick. It seems like an easy choice not to expose her. We'll be talking to her doctors about continuing isolation.

When she gets sick her responses are strange. I know this sounds funny, but she has norovirus and adenovirus, and she isn't throwing up. In fact we only found it because I told the doctor she had diarrhea, and she was complaining of stomach pain. I almost didn't tell him about the diarrhea, because it wasn't that bad. It seems like she should be sicker, which makes me wonder if her immune system isn't responding to illness?

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  1. :/ tough decisions for a parent (the kind only prayer maybe fasting..can answer) Hope your find your answers... What's best for her and all!