Friday, October 25, 2013

Settling down

Really not much to update, which is great! Fiona has had some mild fevers, but they don't last more than a few hours. She goes back to Cincinnati in two weeks.

Christian gave Fiona her infusion yesterday. He did a great job. I'm trying to figure out a routine for infusion days. So far I haven't been successful. It's an exhausting process, and by the time it's over my house looks like a tornado passed through. I hope it will get better once the doctors let us change her treatment day. It would be nice to give her infusion when the older kids are at school, but I'm not sure if I can get the lines started without someone to hold her hands.

I had a great conversation with another mom last week. We talked about how as moms we can be judgemental of each other. I am embarrassed to admit that before James and Fiona I judged other moms. I used to wonder why some moms couldn't control their kids. I've learned that motherhood isn't about control, it's about working with what you're blessed with.

Fiona's energy level and attitude the day after her treatment are at best wild. She was in Tasmanian devil mode at our church trunk or treat tonight. It's hard to watch her energy come and go so quickly. I find myself wondering if her tantrums are because of headaches and joint pain that are side effects of her treatments. Because she looks so healthy and normal I forget how hard these treatments are on her body.


  1. What a roller coaster our lives can be. I think most moms, including myself, often compare themselves to other moms, and judge at times. We just never know what someone else's circumstances may be. I love your line of "working with what you're blessed with." We have been trying to take that to heart lately, despite not having the size of family we had hoped for, but we can still be very thankful for the children we do have. Our prayers are with you and your little Fiona. Love, Andrea Robertson

    1. Thank you for the prayers. I very much feel like I'm on a rollercoaster! I was reminded last week that my plans aren't necessarily Heavenly Father's plans. :) One of our doctor's pointed out that there is a reason and a purpose in Fiona's trial. Later that day a father was following his daughter through the hospital to her room next to Fiona's. He looked like he had been crying. As he walked past Fiona's room he turned his head and saw her standing on the top of the couch and got a huge smile on his face. It was nice to think that maybe she brightened an otherwise difficult day for him. I'm working to find joy in this.