Monday, October 14, 2013

She's trouble

Today at the doctor's office we went over Fiona's latest tests. Her igg is at a good level, if she starts to get sick they will try to increase that level. Her white blood cells are almost normal. She looks good, and the doctor said, "we'll watch this one, she's trouble." He has no idea.

My pregnancy with Fiona was difficult. She was born 5 weeks early because of a placental abruption. She was in the NICU for 10 days for jaundice and weight loss. We went home and she was admitted to the children's hospital 2 weeks later for pneumonia. She had severe reflux and lots of gas in her belly. At one point they thought she had a condition that would have required a colostomy. Once that was ruled out we started seeing specialists to treat conditions caused by her prematurity. We saw an ophthalmologist, a geneticist, a gastroenterologist, and a pediatric surgeon. We had her hips checked for dysplasia, and she saw a physical therapist for 8 months for torticollis. Hopefully her igg therapy will give us a break from the trouble.

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