Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The big box

There's a big box sitting on my kitchen table. It's full of medical supplies. I usually love medical supplies, but these give me anxiety. Suddenly this is all to real. It's easy to forget that there's something wrong in between treatments. The box won't let me forget today. I'm sure it will be fine, and that in a month this will be easier to think about.

To distract myself I'm thinking about how to organize all of the stuff. They send 4 weeks worth of supplies. I'm going to get a big storage container with smaller containers that fit inside. I wonder if I should organize it by the type of supply, or by what I will use in a week?

Every few weeks we find something new to think/worry about. One of our first realizations was the need to be near a great children's hospital. We also have to worry about the area we live in. For example, the northeast bears the risk of tick carried illnesses. We also have to worry about outbreaks of illnesses as she has very few immunities. Tetanus is a major concern, so we don't let her run outside without shoes.

In the box that came this morning there was a flier about natural disasters. It said to prepare for disasters that are regional. For us that would be tornadoes and flooding. While both are unlikely in our area, there is some risk. I'm coming up with a list of medications and supplies that she would need if something happened. I can't believe how many things I didn't have to think about 5 months ago.

Fiona is happily oblivious to all of my worry. She's talking into a vacuum cleaner tube and making her friend laugh. She loves to color. She doesn't hesitate to pick something up off the ground and put it in her mouth. She's joyous, and I hope she stays that way.

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