Tuesday, November 26, 2013

infusion changes

We had to switch to Tuesday for her infusion this week. Our supplier thought she was still on Thursday and couldn't get her medicine in time for Monday. We also increased her dose and added a third site. I think the third site will be an improvement. Her sites aren't as swollen. She's complaining about her sites because I was in a hurry to get started and her numbing cream didn't have enough time. Next time I'll wait longer.

We see our home specialist on Monday. I'm hoping that he will check her igg. Based on her last labs l'm a little worried that we may have to increase her dose again.

I've been reading about immune deficiencies over the past few weeks. Waiting for labs to come back is anxiety causing. The genetic tests are especially hard to wait for. I want to know what is causing her deficiency, and I want her to have the best treatment for her condition.

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