Friday, November 1, 2013

The day after

The day after Fiona's treatment is crazy. She has lots of energy to be naughty. So far today she has emptied my wallet, scattered the contents across the kitchen, hall and family room, squished blueberry pancakes into the carpet, dumped a glass of water on the carpet, unpacked a diaper bag, climbed onto the table, ripped apart a box of pumpkin bread mix, colored on the fridge, colored on the inside of a kitchen drawer, emptied the sock basket, dumped the toy basket, spit chewed up peas all over the floor, took out a strainer from the cupboard, put the strainer on her head, decided the strainer made a better step stool, and unrolled waxed paper on the kitchen floor.

She likes to rest on a pillow between adventures. Enventually she will exhaust herself and take a three hour nap. Even though we've seen an increase in activity she can't sustain her energy for more than 15 or 20 minutes at a time.

She isn't eating very much today, but I expect a demand for chocolate and chicken this afternoon. I'm thawing chicken for dinner, and our trick or treating was moved to tonight because of the storm yesterday, so she'll be happy.

Her pants and socks have mysteriously disappeared, and I have an hour to find them before we go pick James up from school.

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