Saturday, November 23, 2013

lab results

Cincinnati sent us Fiona's labs. All of her t-cells dropped again. I'm reading medical research papers to try and guess what she has. Crazy, right?

What keeps me from worrying too much is monitoring her condition is learning about it. I've started reading an immunobiology textbook. It's a slow read. I feel like it's my responsibility to know and understand what is happening in her body. When her labs looked better I stopped memorized her numbers. Now I can recall specific t-cell counts and most of her cbc (complete blood count).

The supplier for Fiona's medicine called on Thursday. Our rep forgot that we changed treatment day to Monday. She can't get her medicine here until Tuesday. We're going to keep her at home until she has her next treatment. Exposure is too risky, because her igg is probably less than 500. 500 is the lowest the doctors want to see her igg.

Thank you to our wonderful friends who have donated so far. We are really thankful for you and your support.

Fiona's fundraiser

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