Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Antibiotics for the winter

I've started trying to post once a day, but I talked to Cincinnati after I posted. Another test came back normal. Fiona is having some sleeping trouble, sometimes too little, sometimes too much. She also has a low grade fever. They've checked for lots of viruses, but nothing has come back positive. In an effort to add an extra layer of protection she's starting amoxicillin for the winter. Hopefully it will prevent any bacterial infections. Now all we have to worry about are viruses. The IGG we give her comes from a huge donor pool and temporarily transfers their immunity to her, so it will help with viruses. The last part of her protection comes from an antibiotic they give to people with t-cell deficiencies called bactrim. Bactrim should protect her from opportunistic infections. So to recap, she takes IGG to replace what her b cells aren't making, bactrim to protect her because of her low t-cell counts, and amoxicillin to cover all of the bases.

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