Monday, December 2, 2013

bad news

Today we saw our home doctor. Fiona's t-cell function fell. Fell doesn't really do it justice though. It's more like it jumped off a cliff. Her numbers are scary low. She's being quarantined to home. She can't leave the house except for doctor's appointments. She isn't allowed to go outside. We can't have live plants in the house. She'll probably start a diet that will limit bacteria on her food.

The doctor here thinks our next appointment with Cincinnati will be scheduling the bone marrow transplant. He said her t-cells and b cells are failing. I'm trying to be calm. It's not working out for me.


  1. Oh Karen, I'm so sorry to hear this! Please let me know if you need me to run errands or anything for you. I'll call you soon (or call me if you need to.)

  2. hugs and prayers coming your way!

  3. Oh Karen, this is not the news that I expected to see today. I'm sorry. Much love and hugs to you and Fi. Keep us posted when you can.

    xo rebecca

  4. do your best to follow all doctor orders and follow your heart. regardless of what happens you will need to know you did all you could, sometimes that is limited to showing all the love you can. do your best and god will do thbe rest. i keep you and your daughter in my thoughts frequently. based on the recent turn of events in our life i just say stay close to god. that is where the comfort is.

  5. Dear Christian and Karen,
    So sorry to hear this news. Bless that sweet little girl.
    May God's grace sustain you and comfort you and help you find the strength to endure the hardship and heartache that you and your family are going through.
    love to all, Aunt Allouise