Friday, December 20, 2013

What we've ruled out

So far I think we've ruled out bare lymphocyte syndrome and DiGeorge syndrome. We have a hospital account that shows test results as they come back. Our account doesn't show the outside test results though. a new outside test came back, but I'm not sure what it is yet.

Fiona is looking grey and pale still with dark circles under her eyes. She doesn't look healthy or pink. More than anything else, that has me worried. She isn't sleepy like last week though, so hopefully we can spend the weekend at home. I'm going to stock up on some juice to make sure we keep her well hydrated.

On Wednesday the doctor reminded us that t-cells can be suppressed by viruses. T-cell suppression can lower t-cell response and function. Her lower numbers may just be a virus, so they are checking for strange viruses. We know that she doesn't have anything normal, they checked all of those first.

They are running a more in depth test of her t-cell receptors. So far the normal t-cell receptor test came back normal. T-cell receptors are part of the t-cell that tells the cell what to do in response to other cells. Her t-cell receptors shouldn't be normal. Again, weird.

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