Saturday, December 7, 2013


When we met with the GI doctor we also met with a fellow. Cincinnati Children's is a teaching hospital, so we see residents and fellows often. It was interesting to hear her perspective on Fiona. She was amazed at how normal Fiona looks. She said that immune deficiency kids don't grow well, and they are always sick. For a few months I've felt like we are so blessed that Fiona hasn't been sick. As more numbers start to drop her health is nothing short of miraculous.

We are still waiting for the last labs and genetic tests to come back. I always feel so sure that her test results will find the thing that will confirm a diagnosis. Unfortunately, so far they haven't. This week the doctor's have ordered 3 sets of stool samples. TMI? Probably. They are trying to see if she is leaking protien and lymphocytes in her gut. They are also checking to see if she has any infections or parasites.

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