Friday, December 27, 2013

new pump!

Our medical supply company sent us a new electronic pump that will accommodate 50 mls. Her current dose is 5 gms in 25 mls. That means they can double the dose she's on before she'll need a new pump. The new pump also allows a longer infusion time, which may help her feel less pain as the medicine goes in. When we got the first pump I thought it would last us at least a year. It's been 2 months and they've almost doubled her original dose.

I've been going over our insurance statements. Because we paid our out of pocket so early we haven't seen any of the statements in a few months. Since Fiona was diagnosed in July they've paid out over $78,000 (that doesn't include her hizentra or infusion supplies). I'm pretty sure we will reach our deductible and out of pocket in January. I'm so thankful for insurance!

Fiona's fundraiser

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