Monday, December 30, 2013

treatment changes

Fiona's fundraiser

Last week's treatment was pretty painful for Fiona. We looked into lots of skin numbing products and got permission from our doctor to try 20% benzocaine. I went to our local Walgreen's and asked our awesome pharmacist if she had any suggestions. She suggested trying teething ointment. Brilliant idea! It didn't work as well as lidocaine, but with Tylenol the sticks were much better. We're thirty minutes into the infusion, and she only complained when I stuck her.

Along with a new bigger pump we have new bigger syringes. I was very surprised by the difference in function. The smaller syringes were smoother to push (does that even make sense?). The bigger syringes are also more difficult to hold in my hand while sticking her and opening the bandages. The old syringes had blue caps on the ends, but the new ones have caps attached to the plunger, which have to be broken out of the plunger. I'm sure in time I'll get used to the changes.

You can see the new syringe at the bottom. It holds up to 50ml, or 10 teaspoons.

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