Monday, January 27, 2014

difficult infusion

Today's infusion was hard for both of us. Fiona is developing anxiety about being stuck. She's in pain during the infusion, which makes her fussy. I'm ready to go back to IVIG. I didn't have a problem sticking her until this time. She was shaking and crying and trying to grab the pin needle to keep it away from her skin. After about an hour she calmed down, but if she moved she was in pain again.

Two of her three sites leaked a little. I don't like the new tubing that they send us, it doesn't allow the liquid to flow evenly into the three needles. One of the three is always slower than the other two, so two of her sites get more medicine that the other one.

We go back to her local doctor in a week. I'm going to talk to him about other options. Hopefully we can come up with something that works for her.

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