Friday, January 3, 2014

Our specialty pharmacy

I just got a letter from our insurance company saying that if we continue to use our specialty pharmacy that they will no longer cover Fiona's treatments. They are happy to assist us with changing to another specialty pharmacy called Accredo. I've never heard of Accredo. We have 2 weeks to make the necessary changes.

I trust our current company BioRx. They are amazing. BioRx has given us a representative who knows what we are going through. She is available to us anytime, and not just for pharmacy related questions. She is supportive and helpful. She looks for solutions to any issues that come up.

This is also going to change things about her treatment. We rent the pump used for Fiona's infusions, which will have to be sent back and replaced. I'm not sure if they will supply the same tapes and dressings as we are used to using.

BioRx has a payment plan, which I'm not sure if Accredo offers. This change may impact our ability to pay for Fiona's medicine. We may have to go back to IVIG and have a port placed if this doesn't work out. 

Because of the overwhelming nature of Fiona's condition this is distressing to me.Change and uncertainty are all we have. Using the same company is a small piece of stability that is important to my emotional well being. This is so not okay with me.

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