Friday, January 17, 2014

new plan

It's unlikely Accredo will have our order here before Tuesday. I don't think they do Saturday shipping, and Monday is a holiday. If Fiona's treatment isn't here on Tuesday she will go to the hospital for a treatment. I'm not sure if our local hospital will have it. We may have to drive to Cincinnati. I feel better knowing that we have another way to get Hizentra for her.

Our rep from Biorx called last night. She is amazing! We went over the supplies I use for Fiona's treatment and she sent me a list with numbers so I can try to get the same things we are used to having. Thanks Lisa!!!

The best part of this is that Fiona is blissfully unaware. She plays and watches cartoons. She loves Curious George and Kai lan. She likes to put on James' power ranger mask and say, "I a power ranger!".

This week we are dealing with some sleeping issues. We are working to transition her to her own bed in her own room. It took her an hour of crying before she fell asleep last night. She is a fighter, and lately she's fighting sleep.

Fiona's fundraiser

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