Wednesday, January 29, 2014

First bill

Our first medical bill for this year came. Fiona's hizentra for the month was $2,795. We are very thankful for the donations we've received to pay for her medicine. Because of her treatments she hasn't been sick at all this winter. Last winter she had a cold from October to April.

Fiona had a mild reaction to her last infusion. I think she may be allergic to the butterfly shaped plastic part of the needles we used. Her infusion sites (where I poke her) also leaked a little. Just like last week one of the three tubes connected to the needles didn't allow the liquid to move through as quickly as the other tubes. Accredo is sending us a different kind of tubing to try next week.

We go back to our local doctor next Monday. At our last visit when we told him about her pain during infusion he said that continued pain throughout the infusion wasn't typical. He mentioned placing a central line and going back to IVIG. I'm not sure we're ready to do that yet. Central lines are notorious for bacterial infections. If

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