Wednesday, January 15, 2014

no infusion order!

I'm pretty sure this topic is getting old, but Accredo isn't going to be easy to work with. I'm sick of thinking about them, talking to them, and waiting for them to get our first order started.

On Monday Cincinnati faxed them a prescription. They faxed it to the number on the letter that said I needed to change pharmacies. They told me it would take 24 hours to process the fax. I called this morning and waited 23 minutes on hold to get a 2 minute answer. They can't find a record of the fax. They are calling Cincinnati to try to get the prescription. The woman I talked with asked what number Cincinnati faxed the first prescription to. I gave her the number from the letter, the one I verified with Accredo on Monday. She said she had never heard of that number. Way to undermine my confidence in your company.

When I got off the phone I googled Accredo complaints. There are a lot of them, mostly about them misplacing orders, not filling orders, or not mailing orders. I'm worried that they won't get an order to us by Monday.

Fiona started Tamiflu today. I feel better knowing that she has that extra protection. 

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