Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Domed hizentra lid

I like to think there are two purposes to this blog, keeping friends and family informed, and being a resource to other moms of immune deficient kids. This post is for resource purposes. When I started Fiona's treatment on Sunday I popped all of the caps off the hizentra bottles and started to wipe them with alcohol. Then I noticed that one of them looked different. I called the nurse hotline and they told me not to use the bottle, send it back, and they will send us a new one. I wanted to keep pictures just in case, then I thought I should share them with you. This is about $130 worth of hizentra. I'm glad they're replacing it!

The bottom of the lid should be smooth, not rippled like this.

The lines you can see in the metal part of the lid are from the cap that covers the lid. The metal part pushed into the cap so hard that it embossed these lines. The lid should be smooth.

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