Monday, March 17, 2014

tests and treatment

I took Fiona to our local doctor to have her labs drawn on Friday. It was pretty easy, especially considering how labs have gone in the past. I'm thankful for the amazing lab tech who always gets her vein on the first stick. Mailing the packages was interesting, the lab tech and I had to guess how to package the samples. There were some instructions on the bag, but they weren't super helpful. In the end I think we did it right. I had to call Fedex to find a location that would accept clinical samples. They had to verify that they weren't infectious. We may have one more test like this, so I'm glad I know how to mail them.

Fiona's treatment went really well yesterday. She's reacting to the numbing cream and clear bandage (IV3000) again. I didn't use the numbing cream, but she only said, "ow" when I stuck her, so that's progress. Before she was shaking, swatting at the needles in my hands, and screaming. I think this will continue to get easier. I'm asking about some supplies that may continue to improve her treatments. One is a wipe that creates a barrier between the skin and the bandage. The other is a needle set (the needles and attached tubing) that has a metal inserter needle, which is pulled out and a cannula is left behind. A cannula is a little flexible tube, like what is left in a vein during an IV.

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