Wednesday, March 26, 2014

plumbing trouble...

On Sunday our downstairs toilet backed up. It overflowed. Gross! Luckily our insurance is covering the damage. For two days we couldn't put anything down the drains, or flush toilets. I'm especially worried about what impact this will have on Fiona. The nasty water was in the hall, closet, bathroom, and living room. The claims adjuster sent out a clean up contractor. The plumber is supposed to be here today to pipe burst our sewer line, which will create a pipe inside the pipe. In order to stay positive I keep thinking at least our downstairs bathroom will be remodeled, and we will have nicer carpet in the living room. I'm so thankful for everyone that suggested putting in a claim with the insurance company. I won't have to live with the "dirty hall". I've decided that this should be the end of our trials.:) Too bad I'm not the authority on this. Christian says he can hear the locusts coming.

I saved the best news for last. I have a cold. I feel horrible. Fiona is not sick at all. Hizentra is a miracle. Something is working in our favor. That needs to be celebrated.

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