Friday, March 28, 2014


I feel like I need to know everything about our insurance, how it works, what they pay, and how they keep track of out of pocket and deductibles. I try to check their numbers. They never make any sense. The numbers are always off because of pending claims. What I know is that we are $811 away from hitting our out of pocket. I think we'll make it!

Next week we get to go back to our specialty pharmacy. I'm so excited! Having one specific contact person I can call or text with questions, who knows our history, and understands our issues is a relief.

Our plumbing issues are fixed completely, they are filling in the holes in our yard as we speak. The contractor is coming out with the estimate for fixing the damage. On Wednesday they came and took out everything that was damaged, carpet, linoleum, baseboard, drywall, and the vanity.

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