Tuesday, March 18, 2014

next appointment...

We are trying to figure out when to see Cincinnati again. The labs that we drew take 8-12 weeks. I'm leaning towards one between now and then. We haven't seen them since February. We're discussing taking Fiona out of isolation slowly as cold and flu season are coming to an end. I would like to see where her IGG and T-cells are before we expose her to anything. I'm thinking sometime in April.

We are also trying to figure out what we want for testing. We can sequence her genome, but it's expensive, and only 40% of insurance companies will approve it. It's also a long shot. We may or may not find something. I think we may be meeting with a geneticist at our next appointment. Other than the full gene testing we are at the end of diagnostic testing.

We are facing the very strong reality that she is the only one with this condition. I appreciate our doctor's efforts. Many doctors would have given up by now. While I'm frustrated that we haven't found anything yet, I know that we have pursued every option.

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