Thursday, March 27, 2014

genetic testing

When Fiona was an infant we took her to a geneticist for a minor issue. He explained that we all have genetic abnormalities, but most of them are minor or just cosmetic. He showed us an extra crease on one of his fingers and said it was genetic, but it didn't cause any problems. I think we are going to see a geneticist again, this time to try to decide if we will test all of her genes. From what I understand we are looking for a needle in a haystack. We may or may not find something useful. I keep having that what if feeling. What if we don't test, and we miss something? What if we do test and don't find something? I'm not sure yet if our insurance will cover it, we can't afford to do the testing if they don't. I was reminded this week of how lucky we are that she is healthy. It would be nice to have answers about what she has, but if she maintains this level of health for the rest of her life I would be happy.

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