Monday, March 10, 2014

Great treatment

Yesterday's treatment was so easy for me. We are back to our small pump, and simple set up. Fiona did great. She said ouch a few times, but didn't really complain. I think she's developing a reaction to the new clear bandages, IV3000, we use over her needles. I've started to notice that when we use her belly she has a more dramatic swelling reaction, as well as a reaction to lidocaine and tape. It also seems like the weeks we user her belly are the weeks that she complains of pain. I think I'm going to premedicate with acetaminophen those weeks. I'm going to try switching back to benadryl instead of her anti-anxiety medicine. I would rather have her sleepy instead of falling down and grouchy later.

I've noticed an increase in her abundance of energy right after her treatment and the next day, which is today. So far today she's had breakfast, asked for more food an hour later, reluctantly took her antibiotic, chased the dog, dropped James off at preschool with me, watched 2 episodes of Diego, washed her hands 4 times, pumped soap all over my bathroom floor, played a preschool game on the kindle 5 times, pretended to rescue a giraffe, asked for more Diego, asked for help with her game, walked away from Diego and her game, took the mango I was eating, put a spoon in it and walked away from it, and asked to be put in pajamas. It's only 10:30. I'm not sure I can keep up with her today! I'm glad she feels good though.

After weeks of eagerly taking her antibiotic she's decided that she doesn't like it any more. Now I have to fight and hold her down, and keep her from spitting it out. The doctor said he wants her to stay on it until the end of April. Then she'll only take her weekend antibiotic.

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